For Ha My, converting digital photography into photographs is more than difficult as she is so picky in choosing the best materials to present her artwork. When it comes to paper, after considering thousands of choices that the entire universe has to offer, Ha My is particularly in favor of Hahnemühle Watercolor Paper and Fuji Crystal Pearl premium paper.


The poster of this photograph is printed on Hahnemühle Watercolor Paper, will be delivered with Certificate of Hạ My Photography’s proprietary.

Hahnemühle Watercolor Paper itself reflects centuries of experience, modern innovation, and the artists’ inspiration. Since 1584, Hahnemühle has proven to be exclusively an artwork in its production. It has been made of old recipes using high-quality raw materials and pure spring water, thus offers the incredibly high durability and great longevity of 200 years and more. Scrubbing and lifting of color from the paper’s surface hardly show any visible damage.

Hahnemühle is also known to indulge watercolor painting. However, photographic experiments through Ha My’s work will bring about the distinctive feelings of a painting coming from the exclusively warm tone, surface texture of torchon, roughness, matte, satiny and especially, the stories behind each artwork. If you are looking for a mix of authenticity, simplicity and a sense of craftsmanship, photos on Hahnemühle paper are the right ones.


The Fine Art Print from Hạ My Photography is The Original Art Work made on very high quality and exclusive paper, Fuji Crystal Pearl.

Fuji Crystal Pearl premium paper provides a captivating experience of photography with its metallic effect and emphasis on the depth. This shimmering and glimmering effect results from the photochemical emulsion of its characteristics. Pictures will appear in incredible details as well as contrast-richness. With the paper’s lifespan of over 75 years, the picture you own will be storing and telling the beautiful stories for generations.

Transcending a digital image onto this high-gloss surface photo paper requires a state-of-the-art technology – Ultra HD Printing. This offers the ultimate sharpness and resolution, incredible detail density and exceptional contrast. Thanks to the advance in photography printing, audiences can obtain the ever-true-to-real-live photographs at any size with crystal clear and razor-sharp brilliance. Looking at these masterpieces is as observing a surreal creature existing in front of the human eye with every single finest detail. If you are a fan of contrast-rich photographs or artworks containing layers of stories and emotions as such in Ha My’s, this will never turn you down.


Hạ My Art Works are available on Limited Edition of 5 -10 copies in the world, it will be a worthy investment as well as displaying, with the value holding strong through these uncertain times of economic recession and continuing to increase through the years as they become ever more scarce.

After the first copy is sold, the next one is priced based on geometric progression with common ratio 2. This means, for instance, the second copy’s price is 2 times higher than the first one, and third one is 2 times higher than the second,…

Certificate of Authentic Photograph with signature and number by Hạ My with Map for location of the photograph in the world will be delivered together.